Autumn - 2010

In September 2010, my childhood home, where all of my greatest memories have been shaped, was renovated. I felt an absence and I wanted to present it in my photographs. Scraping wallpaper, changing windows and collapsing walls – all of these provoked a feeling within me that my memories were losing their home, and that this new home would be a place for memories of the other one. The “death” of my home excites me in the sense that it is like autumn. Following autumn, there is eventually spring, which will be followed by yet another autumn. This is a continuous story, like the unchanging reality of life. Every day that I was in my home during the renovation, memories passed through my mind. In order to capture this idea in narration, photo frames are selected to reflect a television frame. Photos are then placed in the square frames to have a better static realization. It`s title is “Autumn”.